The big sync: Call for collective moment of calm and kindness this Friday

March 26, 2020

(London & New York, 26 March 2020) We are living through the most collectively anxiety-inducing experience of our generation. So this Friday (27 March) and every Friday for the next three months, people are being invited to take part in a free, synchronised, global moment of calm and kindness. This isn’t just about meditation or mindfulness; this initiative aims to help people connect with others during the days and weeks of self-isolation and distancing we are experiencing. It will take place at 3pm on a Friday, wherever you are. 


To launch the programme, UK-based meditation publisher Peacebeam and New York’s Daily Haloha, a social experience platform, are combining their communities together to create a movement for connection, compassion and calm. Peacebeam is creating guided meditations for anybody to listen to at 3pm every Friday for the next three months and for the next three Fridays, the publisher is collaborating with Daily Haloha to pose a daily reflection question on the app to weave their communities of over 15,000 people in 72 countries together.


Former VC investment manager Jane Murray is the Founder & CEO of Peacebeam. Murray says, “Self development, mindfulness and wellbeing are noble pursuits but we believe that what the world needs is a move from mindfulness to kindfulness, and from individual wellbeing to collective world being. This pandemic has shown us in a very tangible way how profoundly connected and interdependent we all are in beautiful and terrifying ways. By collaborating with Daily Haloha, we hope to connect our communities and offer a thought-provoking question for self-reflection and a collective moment to pause, meditate and Peacebeam together.”


Former management consultant Amy Giddon is Founder & CEO of Haloha. Giddon says, “We need to feel connected more than ever before. While we are keeping our social distance, we need to be uplifted by the bigger human story and our place in it. Working together with Peacebeam lets us extend our respective platforms — our app-based 2-minute daily self-reflection and sharing ritual, and Peacebeam’s guided audio meditations — into a movement, one that calls for people worldwide to join a bigger weekly ritual of kinship and kindness.”


How it works: In coordination with Peacebeam’s 3pm Friday audio gathering, Daily Haloha participants will be presented with a thought-provoking question for self-reflection and sharing beginning Thursday, 26 March, thematically linked to Peacebeam’s meditations. All of the reflections will be shared back out to continue to uplift and inspire the combined communities.

To take part, download the Daily Haloha app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Follow #TheBigSync #3pmFridays on Instagram and Facebook for updates. 


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For more information, contact Maeve O’Sullivan,; +447743894082


About Peacebeam: Peacebeam makes short, guided meditations for stressed busy people to allow them to connect to their power for good, kindness, connection and compassion. We help you find your wellbeing and then make it world being.

About Daily Haloha: Daily Haloha presents a single thought-provoking question to the world each day that connects us more deeply to ourselves and others. The simple daily routine helps us to look inward and share outward, uplifting each of us and all of us.