Be a part. Not apart.

Finally! A simple daily routine to help us look inward and share outward. It starts with a single thought-provoking question to the whole world each day.

Daily Haloha User Interface

How it works

The fill-in-the-blank Haloha questions are an invitation to reflect and imagine, create and contribute.

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Check in with yourself

Take a moment to reflect and fill in the blanks with a little bit of you

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Connect with another

Swap Halohas to hear and be heard, anonymously and judgment-free

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Be a part of the bigger picture

Scan the Haloha Wall for a story-portrait of what it’s like to be us

And here's a response from another real human!

An action I can take to make today better is____________

An action I can take to make today better is

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“An app that offers a place to reflect and connect, without the possibility of judgment or anger? Sign us up! If tech can help bring us together, create empathy and help us feel grateful and reflective, we say, yes let’s do this.”​

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About Us

Our mission is to lift us up, each of us and all of us. These days it can seem like it's "us vs. them", when really, we're all here together.

It’s empathy that binds us together, human-to-human. Compassion for ourselves and consideration for others. Daily Haloha lets us complete that all-important circuit of humanity. 

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Featured Stories

Press Releases
January 22, 2020
The Daily Haloha platform allows people to reflect, connect and contribute anonymously, minimizing the negative effects of traditional social media.
Insights from the App
January 20, 2020
Our mission is to rekindle empathy and connection to our shared humanity. Given how important it is for empathy-building to feel heard and to acknowledge to others that they too have been heard, for the latest release of Daily Haloha we created response stickers.
Insights from the App
December 4, 2019
Caren Osten Gerszberg, a specialist in positive psychology, posed this question through Daily Haloha and shares what we can learn from the responses. An article from Psychology Today.

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