About us

We like to think of empathy as social gravity. Which makes social media an anti-gravity device, unmooring us from our shared humanity and spinning us out into ever smaller factions. Our story begins instead with the uplifting and connecting power of the humble sticky note.

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“Occasionally something awesome happens that brings us together as people. Emerging from the 6 train in the Union Square NYC subway station in the fall of 2016 to find 50,000 (!) sticky notes blanketing the walls as part of “Subway Therapy” — I was moved. These notes displayed both vulnerability and generosity, and the power of words to uplift and heal.

I realized that other social sparks tapped that same natural human urge to share and contribute. Like the “Before I Die” chalk walls peppered around the US, or the grassroots Kindness Rocks Project that is gaining momentum around the world, or even the “Padlocks of Love” phenomenon gracing bridges everywhere. So it occurred to me…what if we could come together like this to connect for a moment, wherever we are?

Daily Haloha was created to serve up that moment to all of us, every day. It takes what works to connect and uplift us and avoids the aspects of social media that silence and separate us. Anonymous, judgment-free, popularity-free, pressure-free and guided by a single spark each day, it’s our moment.”

— Amy Giddon, CEO and co-founder

*Image courtesy of Matthew Pillsbury / Benrubi Gallery NYC

Our Name

Daily — Adjective  | dey-lee |  Issued each day

Haloha — Noun, greeting, exclamation | hahˈlō-hah 

Haloha contains all sorts of goodness inside:

“Hello/Aloha/Halo/Hola/Aha”.   At its core is Aloha, which literally means “the breath of life”.  The spirit of Aloha is a way of living and treating each other with love and respect. It recognizes that each person is important to every other person for collective existence, and it starts by teaching us to love ourselves first and then spread that love to others.

Meet the Founders


Amy Giddon


Amy is a visionary business leader. Combining analytics and creativity she has led and advised companies large and small. Connecting all her work is the belief that we need to see and hear each other — and that the world needs both our unique contributions and our collaboration.


Gregg Trueman


Gregg is an entrepreneur who operates at the intersection of communications strategy, emerging technology and user experience to envision, design, build, and manage transformative digital media experiences.