Frequently asked questions

How many Halohas can I send in one day?
Just one. We encourage people to give some thought to creating their Haloha, perhaps even think about it for awhile and come back to the app to respond with their one, best, truest thought.

What are moods?
The mood you select is intended to best represent how a particular Haloha you created makes you feel. Does the Haloha you just wrote bring up feelings of amusement? regret? hope? The mood you select colors your Haloha so that when you send it and when it is posted to the Haloha Wall, others can see both what you thought and how you felt about the day’s Haloha.

Why do you need to know my location?
Daily Haloha is a completely anonymous app. Rather than associate the Halohas you create, send, and post with your personal information we use your general location in order to give other users a reference for where each Haloha is created.

When you give permission, we check your location and that location is then associated with your Halohas.  You can determine how much of your location to display in Settings. We do not automatically update your location. You can choose to update your location in Settings at any time.

What happens when I send my Haloha?
When you send your Haloha, it gets delivered randomly and anonymously to one other Daily Haloha user, who has also sent a Haloha that day. The only information that is shown to the recipient is your Haloha, and your general location (if you’ve given permission). Your Haloha will also be posted on the Haloha Wall, along with your general location.

Upon sending your Haloha, you will also receive one in return from another random user and you will be able to see and read their Haloha and location.  We call this a Haloha “Swap”.

What are Responses?
When you receive a Haloha, you have the option to send back a Response. There are eight Response options designed to allow you to express how you feel about the Haloha you received in a non-judgmental way.

Once you select a Response, a “sticker” indicating your Response displays on the Haloha you received, and the sender also sees the sticker. Likewise, when someone receives a Haloha you’ve sent, and they select a Response, you will see the Response  sticker on the Haloha you’ve sent. The stickers are private, only visible to the sender and the receiver.

We think giving and receiving Responses is important and confirms to our community that they are heard and acknowledged. To encourage the giving of Responses, users must select a Response before progressing to the Haloha Wall.

You can also opt to send a Response sticker to any Haloha you see on the Haloha Wall. These stickers are private too, only visible to each Haloha’s creator.

How do you handle offensive content?
Haloha is a community where people can share thoughts and feelings, anonymously and judgment-free. While we encourage users to post their authentic thoughts and feelings, Haloha is intended to be an uplifting community, free from offensive or hurtful posts. With this in mind we have created Community Guidelines in order to keep our community safe and to maintain the spirit of Haloha. Please refer to the Guidelines.

We make efforts to intercept Halohas that seem to violate the Community Guidelines and notify the sender. However, some Halohas may still get delivered that a recipient or viewer feels violate the Guidelines. Users may Report a Haloha that they feel violates the Guidelines by tapping the three dots on a Haloha and then selecting the Report option.

Can I save the Halohas I send or receive?
Every Haloha you send is automatically saved to your “Haloha Scrapbook”, found in the Reflect menu. Additionally, you can save Halohas from the Swap screen or the Wall by tapping the three dots on the lower right and then selecting the Save option.

How can I see the Halohas that my friends create?
Daily Haloha is an anonymous app, so aside from a general location Daily Haloha users are not identified. We also want to make it easy for Daily Haloha users to hear from people that they don’t usually hear from.

One way to share with friends is to post to your social media. You can post your Halohas, or any Halohas, on your social media by tapping the three dots on a Haloha and then selecting the Share option.  

How can I contact another Haloha user?
Daily Haloha is an anonymous app meant for users to safely express their thoughts and feelings without worry of judgment or feedback, so we don’t facilitate messaging between users.

Where do the fill-in-the-blank Halohas come from?
The team at Daily Haloha creates the Halohas with the hope that they are thought provoking and interesting to both fill in yourself and to read the completed Halohas from others.  

We will also feature Halohas suggested by Daily Haloha users. In My Account, tap on “Suggest a Haloha” to send us your ideas and we can even let you know if we feature your suggestion.

What happens to all the Halohas on the Haloha Wall?
Daily Haloha will store the Halohas on our servers, without connecting them to the users that created them.*  We may analyze, interpret, or summarize the content and share those insights — always aggregated, maintaining our users’ anonymity.

You can find a sample of Haloha responses from the most recent 3 days in the Reflect section of the app.  

* The only time we maintain the connection between a Haloha and the user that created it is when that Haloha is reported as violating our Community Guidelines.