New App, Daily Haloha, Restores our Sense of Humanity

January 22, 2020

Platform allows people to reflect, connect and contribute anonymously, minimizing the negative effects of traditional social media. 

LARCHMONT, New York, January 21, 2020 — Daily Haloha, a global social experience platform, is instilling a sense of humanity in a simple daily routine. The app provides an anonymous collective experience for individuals to pause each day for self-awareness and connection. It gives users an outlet for expression free of social validation while it creates a sense of belonging..

Perpetual feedback in the form of likes, comments, shares and re-tweets can inhibit people’s participation in experiences where their shared thoughts and feelings are subject to judgment. Daily Haloha is a new daily ritual that asks a single, thought-provoking fill-in-the-blank question each day. Participants respond anonymously and in return receive a Haloha response from another user anywhere in the world. Users can then see answers from thousands of other users across 65+ countries on a ‘wall’. Reviews have called the app uplifting, thought-provoking and easy to use.

Daily Haloha was launched in 2019 by co-founders Amy Giddon and Gregg Trueman with a vision to foster inclusion rather than isolation in today’s world. Inspired by a public sticky note collaboration called Subway Therapy in New York city, Daily Haloha uses technology as a humanizing force to harness humankind’s capacity for kindness and desire for connection.

“Research indicates an ongoing decline in trust and empathy, increasing depression and anxiety, and heightened loneliness and social isolation around the world,“ comments Giddon, Co-Founder and CEO. “Our app is a mindful alternative to mainstream social media. Taking our cues from anonymous and collaborative public art, we provide a vehicle for highlighting the shared struggles and joys of our humanity; a simple routine to feel more deeply connected to ourselves and others, every day,“ she added.

The Daily Haloha app is free to download on the App Store and Google Play store.

About Daily Haloha

Daily Haloha’s mission is to restore shared humanity through collective expression. It is a global social experience platform that creates a simple daily routine to connect and uplift us while avoiding the aspects of social media that silence and separate us. Anonymous, judgment-free, popularity-free, pressure-free and guided by a single conversational spark each day, Daily Haloha brings us together as people. Visit for more information.

Amy Giddon
Co-Founder & CEO
phone: 914-552-0634